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Discussion Starter · #1 · fam! I must say that I ran into one of the oddest things today. I've been debating a muffler delete, and I finally decided to go with a full Corsa Xtreme system. Looked on the Corsa website to find a shop in MD to install it and called one from the list and said "Hey, got a new Scat Pack with active exhausts but want you to install a Corsa Xtreme for me". The response I got was, "Yeah, we only deal with bolt on items. We don't touch any active exhaust stuff."

Am I missing something, but I thought this was pretty routine for the most recent Mopar cars?

I called another shop that said they could do anything, but they didn't really answer my question on whether they've installed this exhaust on Chargers before. I didn't press the question because if you don't answer it directly, I don't have much confidence that you actually know how to do it.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a shop in MD that can easily do this? I could call around more, but a personal recommendation goes a long way. The fam is good for that so I thought I'd ask! Thanks family!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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