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Metco 3.2 Pulley

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Anyone have experience with running the 3.2 size Metco pulley? 1-1.5 PSI increase. Just a little bit smaller than stock 3.35 size. Just curious. Thanks in advance!
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I and many others are running the 3.10 Metco with a 10% lower pulley

no issue with it from any experience I have had......makes the power go round and round

Mid-14 lbs of boost with my setup and tune on 93 fuel
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Have seen it written about from others doing it.

Doubt highly anyone would really notice and don't encourage it.
Yeah, probably not worth the chance. Will eventually go 2.5 with dual fuel pumps, injectors, e85 and a Dusterhoff tune.
That is a pretty far stretch from 3.10 swap and likely a solid performer for the track...not sure about driveability....that is a very small pulley on top. Mine is not running E, and I don't honestly see it in my future. Might want to look into other strengthening items like ARP studs as well as other items to keep the setup cool.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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