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Mickey Thompson ET street r

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Hey all, I have a 19 hellcat and thinking about getting some stickies. Car is currently lowered on Eighbachs with 20x11 ferrada fr4s wrapped with 315 555r2's. I have read some posts but nothing clear to me on a few questions. I plan on changing the gears to 3.09's in the near future (when time permits). I have the diff but time is hard to come by with 2 littles. Would it be better to run a 305/45/17 or 315/50/17? I really don't want to take a slege hammer to the typical spots where it would rub. But if gearing is an issue I'll have to rethink my game plan. Any help and suggestions is much appreciated.
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I'm looking for a track tire. I run 20's now with 315's.
If you run the 305's mentioned you can pretty much run any rim you want. But with the 309's you are only going to hook with the very best prep. If I was going to try and fit 315's I would probably run a 17X10 Billet Specialtires Win Lite. Or I would go with a Bravado Tribute with a 305/45R18 ET STREET R. It would even match the wheels you have now somewhat and the tire is taller and will work better with the 3.09's. The Bravado offset is a little better, similar to the Win Lite.
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Thanks for the input. Curious if any one else is running 3.09s with 305 MT tires and how they hook. I definitely don't want to leave much on the table.
315 50 17 is ideal on a 17x10.
I get perfect even wear, and alas, my car is lowered on eibach prokit springs. I run a 2 step and it digs from the hole...... Fits tight on a challenger, but looks absolutely killer, and hooks so damn good. A 11 inch wide wheel is a waste of rotating mass in my opinion.....
I've read chargers have more room? Have any links or videos of the hammer mod? Really nervous to pound on my frame like that.
Seems like the general consensus is to run the 315s with my 309s.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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