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Mickey Thompson ET street r

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Hey all, I have a 19 hellcat and thinking about getting some stickies. Car is currently lowered on Eighbachs with 20x11 ferrada fr4s wrapped with 315 555r2's. I have read some posts but nothing clear to me on a few questions. I plan on changing the gears to 3.09's in the near future (when time permits). I have the diff but time is hard to come by with 2 littles. Would it be better to run a 305/45/17 or 315/50/17? I really don't want to take a slege hammer to the typical spots where it would rub. But if gearing is an issue I'll have to rethink my game plan. Any help and suggestions is much appreciated.
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I would run a 305 MT Street R's as opposed to the 315's. Better fit for a lowered car and with an 11 inch wide rim it will lay down a flatter and wider footprint than a 315. A lot of folks try to stuff the largest tires they can shimmy onto their wheel. What ends up happening is that they bulge from the sidewall and when you track them enough they will wear out from the middle and leave lots of unused meat on the sides because it's too big for that rim. Some will try to offset the problem by running them with very low air pressure but that nibbles away from your ET.

I run those same tires on a 10.5 inch rim and I can practically floor it off the starting line with no tire spin. I used to get a bit of wheel hop but the DIR's diff brace seems to have solved that problem. I run them aired at 25psi. I don't have a TPMS on those wheels so I have no clue what the PSI's increases to after the burn out. I'll 60 foot a 1.5x and ET10.8x in the quarter mile on a full weight/fully loaded Charger. I'm sure I can do better, just don't get to the track as often as I'd like even though it's only 6 miles from my house...yeah I know.
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