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Mickey Thompson ET street s/s

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Average life you get out of them?

Hows the traction on the street and strip?

Hows the ride quality? Smooth or a bit bumpy?

How are they in the rain, even when driving normal and not crazy? From 1-10.....1 being there totally fine and are ok.

10 being that there horrible and scary to the point your white knuckling the steering wheel and calling the wife and kids on the phone to let them know you love them and not sure if your gunna make it home.

5 being that there manageable but a little unpredictable slip here and there but can still make it through the wet streets.

I have nitto 555r2 drag radials and in the rain they are just fine and don't make me nervous so since hearing the Mickeys are stickier I'm gunna assume they won't tolerate the wet as well as a compromise but I'd like to get a general idea as to how they are?
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Also curious to know if they sway, vibrate, and are a pain to mount and balance as I've heard?
I have them on my ride right now and they're just fine but I don't drive mine in the rain. They ride about the same as the original pzeros that came on the car. In my mind the mt/et streets hook extremely well for what they are which is a short sidewall drag radial. even now as mine are far below the wear bars. The perelli's were instant tire smoke at any speed hot or cold.
Short sidewall because you have them in a 305-35-20?

How many miles have they lasted you?

I duno if your stock or not but can you hook a 2nd gear 30 and 40 mph roll hit with them?
When my car was stock, I could dead hook a 1st gear 20mph roll (in warm months) with 305 35 20 street ss's

Thats what I like to hear dam those tires must be good, that gives me a good general idea on how well the traction is. How were they in the wet? Since your not stock now are you still running them or perhaps you are with more sidewall to hook?
They wear for shit but they do stick well. If someone gets 3000 miles out of them I’d be impressed. Mine got a little squirrelly at the big end at the drag strip @18-20 lbs. they allow the car so be driven in a fun manner even on the street vs blowing the tires off off at every mash of the gas on stock tires. The Nitto wear WAY better but have let me down on the strip when I really needed them not to. Not that the Nitto were disappointing every pass but the MT were fantastic pretty much every pass. Ultimately I’ll prefer the Nitto simply because most of my driving is street driving. I at one time had two sets of wheels one with the Nitto for street driving and one set with MT for track days.

So as far as track days it's safe to say you can count on the MT's to hook more and often than the Nittos. Ever drove with the MT ET ss in the rain? If so how'd they behave?

Hmm 3k miles is a bit low I thought 5-6 k atleast was the norm with the MT ET ss unless your talking about the street R?

Which Nittos have you used and favored the most for street/strip?
I never drove with the MT’s in heavy rain but might be worried about it if I had to. My hellcats over the years were always toy cars.I have used both the 555r and the 555r2. For me personally performance wise I think they were about the same but I think the R2‘s would wear slightly better in street use.

I currently have the 555r2s in 305-35-20 but am looking for something better traction wise as I duno if I really want to go with a Nitto again. Only reason going with a nitto was for longevity and handling the rain just fine when going to and from the track through mainly 70 mph speed limit highways since it's a couple of hours away from me.

The only other Nitto I'd probably try out would be the NTO5R as I heard decent things about them but again being that it's a nitto I'm afraid to take the chance to try them again and if the NTO5Rs so happen to be only marginally better then my 555r2s I wouldn't be a happy camper. Haven't tried the NTO5R so I duno how they compare to the 555R2.

I figure the MT ET ss would be a good step up and be worth my money if they are much better in traction but from research I gather seems like they are "so so in the rain" (whatever that means) and that they only last very little, in which I couldn't quite find answers to average life people have gotten out of them.

From doing several burnouts at the track and having around a little over 3k miles on the 555r2s so far and still have enough tread life left while handling the rain just fine even if driving 70 mph on the highway, I will give them credit but for traction on the street, meh, could be a bit better and on the track if prep is good it's not bad but like you mentioned have let me down.

Maybe the best of both worlds would be to get the Nittos with a 45 sidewall this time on an 18" wheel. I'm not sure if a larger sidewall on the Nitto would help for the little bit more traction that I could get out of them to make up for it?
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