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Mickey Thompson ET street s/s

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Average life you get out of them?

Hows the traction on the street and strip?

Hows the ride quality? Smooth or a bit bumpy?

How are they in the rain, even when driving normal and not crazy? From 1-10.....1 being there totally fine and are ok.

10 being that there horrible and scary to the point your white knuckling the steering wheel and calling the wife and kids on the phone to let them know you love them and not sure if your gunna make it home.

5 being that there manageable but a little unpredictable slip here and there but can still make it through the wet streets.

I have nitto 555r2 drag radials and in the rain they are just fine and don't make me nervous so since hearing the Mickeys are stickier I'm gunna assume they won't tolerate the wet as well as a compromise but I'd like to get a general idea as to how they are?
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I have them on my ride right now and they're just fine but I don't drive mine in the rain. They ride about the same as the original pzeros that came on the car. In my mind the mt/et streets hook extremely well for what they are which is a short sidewall drag radial. even now as mine are far below the wear bars. The perelli's were instant tire smoke at any speed hot or cold.
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