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Mickey Thompson ET street s/s

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Average life you get out of them?

Hows the traction on the street and strip?

Hows the ride quality? Smooth or a bit bumpy?

How are they in the rain, even when driving normal and not crazy? From 1-10.....1 being there totally fine and are ok.

10 being that there horrible and scary to the point your white knuckling the steering wheel and calling the wife and kids on the phone to let them know you love them and not sure if your gunna make it home.

5 being that there manageable but a little unpredictable slip here and there but can still make it through the wet streets.

I have nitto 555r2 drag radials and in the rain they are just fine and don't make me nervous so since hearing the Mickeys are stickier I'm gunna assume they won't tolerate the wet as well as a compromise but I'd like to get a general idea as to how they are?
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They wear for shit but they do stick well. If someone gets 3000 miles out of them I’d be impressed. Mine got a little squirrelly at the big end at the drag strip @18-20 lbs. they allow the car so be driven in a fun manner even on the street vs blowing the tires off off at every mash of the gas on stock tires. The Nitto wear WAY better but have let me down on the strip when I really needed them not to. Not that the Nitto were disappointing every pass but the MT were fantastic pretty much every pass. Ultimately I’ll prefer the Nitto simply because most of my driving is street driving. I at one time had two sets of wheels one with the Nitto for street driving and one set with MT for track days.
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I never drove with the MT’s in heavy rain but might be worried about it if I had to. My hellcats over the years were always toy cars.I have used both the 555r and the 555r2. For me personally performance wise I think they were about the same but I think the R2‘s would wear slightly better in street use.
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