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Some parts I have left over from previous years, and cars...

Used Diablo Sport T1000 with all original parts & box (no disc) Recently updated to latest canned tunes. I can no longer use this, as it only supports 2017, and earlier Mopars. Not my current 2019. SOLD

Used 2015-2016 Hellcat factory “Locked” PCM SOLD

Used complete Metco 2.85 upper pulley assembly, with two belts. One new, and one used. SOLD

Used 2015-2016 SRT Radio/Infotainment control center. I have two of these. One has the Charger surrounding still attached. But, these unit fit both SRT Chargers, or Challengers. $100.00 each.

Prices Exclude Shipping Costs

Thanks for looking...

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