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yes you can easily run a few gallons of e85 per tank with no ill effects.

On a forced induction car you should run a bit extra octane for safety as detonation is the most destructive thing to your engine.

Yes e85 has less btu than gasoline but that will not lose hp which was mentioned earlier
Let me explain what happens when you put a few gallons of e85 in to top off your tank.

-First your car's wide band will note that car is tunning a tiny bit lean while idleing and adjust short term and long term fuel trims to adjust. Typically cars can handle + - 20% fuel trims to compensate for altitude and other weather changes before throwing a check engine code.
So the car will notice it has 3 gallons of e85 per tank and it will add a few percent enrichment to the fuel map to bring it right back where it wanted to be 14.7:1 at idel and cruising. Wide open throttle maps take this in consideration and will run just fine.
All you get is a few extra octane points adding e85 which will help with detonation. I would just run the car a few miles before getting on it so the car adjusts.
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