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Modded hellcat breaking belt tensioner

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Has any had this problem I’ve broken 2 already and it’s not the supercharger tensioner it’s the other one
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I'm not sure it'll help, but I put a demon serp. belt tensioner on mine with green belt and I recall someone saying the demon tensioner spring is stronger and won't let as much slip. This is happening to your black belt? Its prob worn down and stretched pretty bad with those mods.
Lots of confusion here...
Accessory belt
Tensioner keeps breaking
Power steering pump is locked up.

Sc belt is not coming off.

Thats where we are currently.

Your accessories are spinning at the same speed as stock regardless of sc pulley size or ATI lower, and run from the crank on their own pulley. A chop off the throttle should not effect that belt.

1. A bad tensioner is ruled out, since 2nd time
2. PS pump is locked up, was it going bad and dragging on the belt?
3. Belt is routed correctly and you had it in the grooves on every pulley?

This is not a common problem on modded hellcats.....
this is why I shouldn't forum pre-coffee....

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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