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Modern Street hemi Shootout

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The event takes place at the Bradenton race track in Florida, date is Sunday March 1'st , it is a great event to learn how to race all the way to the fastest modern Hemi's in the country running, lots of test and tune and two races you can enter, we have Two-three Hellcats coming and would like to see more. There are nice payouts to winners and the cost is 100.00 for the day if you early pay, at the gate it's 125.00. If you want to learn about Hemi racing these are the events to go to...


I can't post links , but you can Google it for the links..
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Getting close to race day, Sunday 3/1 They announced a new Hellcat competition that will start in Bradenton Florida, those that want to learn to race all the way to the fastest modern hemi's in the country will be there, the prize pool is very nice and lots of runs with your car...
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Just a bump, hoping Johnny boy makes the event, I know of three for sure..
Jim, this is a great place for anyone that wants to run their HC or other modern Hemi car, the people that go to the MSHS events are passionate and friends are easy to make.....
Linda and Kate are trailering down her Furious Fuchsia DD, work is so busy right now I'm flying down to meet them, looks like a Hertz to beat up on again,LOL
Bumping this up for a great racing event, still time to go if your on the fence, this Sunday at Bradenton racepark Florida,four Hellcats confirmed so far, but open to all modern Hemi cars & jeeps..may turn out to be the largest group of Hellcats racing in a group so far..
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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