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Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter

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I have this from my 17 hellcat. It was installed for 1 mile to drive from the body shop and is as new. Long story short the body shop installed this instead of the LMI I had after an accident. I drove from the shop to my house (1 Mile) and took it off. It's free but you have to pay the shipping. I believe it fits 17-18 Challenger Hellcats. If you wanna be generous and send a little extra that would be great.... Ken

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat 17-18/Charger SRT Hellcat 17-21 V8-6.2L (sc)
Part Number: 50-72205R

MSRP: $630.00
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I have the CF version. Nice offer and a great deal for the member who snags it. Props to you for your generosity!
Thanks Man... I have a habit of giving away good stuff and selling good stuff really cheap.
Good on you, bro (y)

The major difference between the aFe Momentum GT intake for the 2015/16 and the 2017+ models is the air sensor on the intake tube. 2015/16 have the square MAF sensor, while the 2017+ models replaced the MAF with a round IAT sensor on the intake tube. I found this out earlier this year when I ordered the aFe for my 2015 and they shipped it with an air tube for the 2017+ version. aFe swapped it out with the correct air tube, other than that all other parts are a complete match between the two versions.
Sorry BluesyBlue but it won't. It only fits 17-18 models.
Well shucks , thanks for responding bro I been looking into a CAI to replace my factory 16 one and can’t seem to pull the trigger on one
Bluesy, contact aFe at 951-493-7185 and ask if you can swap the air tube for a 2016 version. As I mentioned before, it's the only different part between the two systems. aFe did it for me earlier this year, but admittedly that was because the error was on their part. But still, it shouldn't be a big deal for them to extend this courtesy to you.. I just can't believe that this $500+ CAI is still available.

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It's spoken for..
Oops! But glad it has a new home. ;)
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