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Hello all!!

Some of you have seen me posting under my personal account. I figured it was time I became a vendor on the site.
It is also good timing. I am currently starting my black Friday Deals.
Right now with a purchase of injectors and RTD I am doing Hellcat, Redeye and Demon tunes for $625. That's a deal!!
If you just want RTD and a tune that tune is $675.
RTD device is $250 which is cheaper than everywhere else I have seen. You will need credits as well, but this includes an unlock.

If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to reach out. I try to be available almost every day.
Another thing I do is I try to do a track session with each customer. If you go to the track and I'm available. I review a few logs while you are at the track and make adjustments from there.

A little more about me my personal car has been 8.88 with a stock unported supercharger, 2.85 upper, 10 percent lower, stock trans and engine.
I don't only tune race cars. I tune cars that are meant to be driven. I currently tune a whipple car who drives it everyday goes to the track and ran a 9.1 his last outting. Again stock engine and trans hellcat.

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