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My personal testimony working with Jon for probably about two years now. Jon and I first got involved with each other just being normal car nuts which turned into him helping me with a problem, a long-standing problem with my tune on my rebuilt engine that a previous tuner was probably a high percentage of the blame for the engine damage it incurred, it took out a few pistons on it due to bad tuning choices (turning off miss fire detection on purpose) but anyways, when Jon mentions above in his introduction post that he is available most all the time he means it, these are my results from a little bit of interaction even on Thanksgiving day. I had an opportunity here in northeast PA, a rare late November opportunity due to temperatures to test a tune revision he sent me the night prior, something we have been working on off and on for a while , and this is thanksgiving days results in a quick blast across the bridge and back near my house. You can’t go wrong with Jon for many reasons from price point to service so the most personable experience you will have with a tuner. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services A+++++ rating.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and gets what they want from Santa Claus in the near future. Lol.
This is what I ran yesterday on the street with very limited traction, and only 13 1/2° of max timing at 24 psi of boost on pump Flex Fuel at 83%E content. And a screenshot of what my idle trims look like even with huge ID 1700 injectors. You can’t go wrong choosing Jon 👍🏻👍🏻

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The hot lap return pass the opposite direction, notice the slope difference and time stamp difference, runs within minutes of each other.

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