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2017 HC Challenger. no tune----yet.
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It is my understanding that FACTORY backed Mopar warranties have a checklist that is submitted to the mother ship for approval that look for common and of not so common things not the least of which are modded cars especially hellcats. dealership finance managers are the ones pushing these things and they push hard at the end of the sale process. I would expect no less as they are pure profit. There is final price wiggle room to within reason but they are not going to write these things let alone give them away for known or unknown modded cars as it will be on them to honor the contract so they will do their due diligence. The radio head is several thousand dollars to replace so the cost of the warranty is worth the entry fee alone. Mine is a 2017 HCC with 12k miles and I bought the MOPAR extended warranty in 2020 and as you would expect now in 11/21 with about 17100 miles I have had zero issues and zero reasons to drive anywhere near the dealership. I drive mine whenever the opportunity presents itself so I can get "something to fail under warranty before it expires @ 85K miles or dec 2025" My car was unmolested it seems and I got very lucky. Mine is not tuned unless I discover there is a P1400 stored in the factory PCM. If I could do it all again I would require the dealership to have pulled data specifically looking for the P1400 code.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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