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Is it the lack of Racetracks / Dragways or lack of respect for the power of these cars? GTA makes anyone who plays it think it's OK to drive like that.
As far back as I can remember, and I can remember way back, (and before GTA) drivers were crashing cars, high performance cars, even with race tracks around. Alcohol was involved in a number of these accidents. All involved reckless behavior that caught up with the driver and often his passengers. My first and strong image of an accident was when I was with my Dad and we came upon a pretty recent accident. Car (traveling at some speed) left the road and smashed into a substantial tree in the front yard of a house. The car -- unrecognizable but a pre-WW2 model of car -- was just a ball of metal. As Dad and I watched a person (coroner?) went from body to body -- they were scattered about the front yard -- and all 3 young men were declared deceased.
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