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Moroso Polished Catch Can 392 HEMI

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For sale is this Moroso Catch can that came off my 2019 Scat Pack. Catch can comes with custom braided lines and brass fittings. Looks amazing under the hood as well because it's very large and polished nicely. Brand new from Moroso this is $200 and the fancy braided hoses I have for them were an extra cost. Asking $125 plus shipping or local meet up in Northern Jersey. PM me if interested


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Not trying to be a dick, so please don't see my question in a negative manner; but do you really need a catch can for an NA motor?

I can't imagine you have any blow-by or ever need to empty that can. Just asking for curiosity sake.
So the catch can actually does fill up... I've drained it multiple times and my car only had 6500 miles when I sold it. What happens is the PVC line deposits oil vapors that go through the stock PVC line inside the intake manifold and can get on the throttle body as well. Over time this creates oil deposits inside the intake manifold and can gump up things and rob horsepower and fuel efficiency long term which is no bueno. A catch can is a preventable measure of this as well as some added under hood bling in the process. Some people believe in them some don't but rest assured I've filled up about a half a Poland Spring 16oz bottle of oil from the catch can at each oil change and if the catch can isn't there that oil goes straight into the intake manifold so I believe in them.
I trust you, good info thank you! Have a guy at work that has a 392 scat and always tells me its a waste and I just took his word for it. I seldom had to empty my passenger side can on my HC.
Jake, of course it depends on which state you are in.
You mean my MD oil is better than your fried chicken oil?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts