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Motor and Transmission transfer from 2022-2019

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I just want to know if I took a motor and transmission from a 2022 Charger Hellcat donor car and put it in my 2019 Charger Hellcat would I be able to use the 2022 transmission or would I have to buy a 2019 Transmission ‼ The reason I ask is because I was able to get a donor (2022) car to rebuild my recked Hellcat (2019) but the shop that's doing the work wants to sell my donor car transmission (2020) which is practically brand new and are saying I will need to purchase another (2019) reason for this is that there saying it want match my pcm, something about a different vin associated with the chip in the trans, the plug from the harnesses may be different even though I'm using the harnesses from the 2022 on my 19‼
Not sure how true this is but I really think there just trying to steal my donor transmission and make me buy a new one for no reason ‼ Please advise ‼

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place please move to correct area if so...
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The transmission doesn’t care. My transmission is from a 2016 charger, I have a 2015 challenger. It’ll work as long as they didn’t change any of the electrical circuits. Why not use your old pcm? It’s the same engine and transmission.
Well I'm getting a new PCM as my old PCM was damaged as well‼
What electrical circuits are you referring to as I'm using the harness from the 2022 as well?
Just get the engine harness for your car. It’s like $500. Then it for sure will work, if you don’t want to put the leg work in to look through wiring diagrams and pin outs. Can look up the part number for the wiring harness and see if it “fits” your car. And who are these “people” telling you this? You won’t be able to use that PCM, you will have to send it out to have it flashed with the OS, year and vin of your car. How did your PCM get damaged? Are you the guy that made a post a while ago and everyone told you not to attempt to save the car? Lol
I have the entire wiring harness for the motor and body! I also have the motor and transmission off the 2022. My PCM, wiring harness for the motor and body are damaged on my 2019 So I was just going to swap it into mine and buy a new PCM!
There saying that the transmission from the 2022 want work as with my 2019 for the reasons above‼! I don't understand why not if I'm buying a new PCM from the dealer !
It's above my technical understanding on why it couldn't work when I see people transferring motors and transmission from different cars all the time‼
The body shop doing the work I really don't want to mention there name and give them a bad review if there right but will be happy to mention them if there just trying to rip me off for a 2022 transmission ‼
Again, who is telling you this? Also, there’s software out there that should let you write the vin to the tcm in the transmission, but I doesn’t matter
The bodyshop in NYC that I was thinking about hiring to do the transfer ‼
Body shops don’t know crap. They hire companies to come in and do any wiring/flashing/relearns of sensors etc. so unless the company they hire to drive in and do that stuff for them is telling them that, they’re bullshitting you
I figured that‼ I had to also buy a new airbag senor cause they said the one from the donor car wouldn't work either as these things are vin specific and the car I donor car was a stolen recovery so it's just a pain to get a license Chrysler tech to program it with those type of cars!
I will try and talk to someone that actually programs these things and see if there able to do it but I just think they want the transmission as I went to the dealership and my price was 7,500 new and I have to bring them my old one or it a 3,000 charge!
So that's a total of 10,500 if you don't bring them the old one and the bodyshop was only offering me 1,500-2000 for it‼! FOH Something sounds fishy!🤦🏽‍♂️
Why would you hire a body shop to do anything mechanical??!! You’re nuts dude
I was thinking about hiring them for the body work but the programming part of the pcm, ect. Was being sourced out to the people they deal with and that's what the tech they sourced it out supposedly told them but I didn't here it from my own ears !
What? That price is way off. New transmission is about $5000 if you give them your core.
Price must have went up cause I was @the dealership on Thursday and shop price is 7500, with the core custom price is 8,500 from the dealer!
Ok I will hit them up!
Hit up Hemi Tuner if you’re in NY, see what he has to say
The only reason I went to the dealership was find out what the price of the transmission was and worst case if I couldn't find one online or had the issue of compatibility I would have had no choice !
Google, my friend lol.
Ya most of the one I seen on Google was either with the motor, not a hellcat , or not my year. I'll keep looking and speak with Hemi Tuners! Thank you..
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