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My tires came in a couple of weeks ago to Discount Tire but my rotors and pads are still in Shipping Limbo so I had held off installing them but got tired of waiting. I live in PNW and it's been raining since October so roads are completely saturated but not frozen in my area. The difference was immediately noticeable from the stock Pirelli All Seasons, I can feel the stickiness instead of feeling like I'm driving on glass. Did some small accelerations from zero on the straight and on a turn. I don't feel like the tires are about to start spinning immediately when I give it a slightly aggressive acceleration on the straight, turning right or left there is definitely less sway but you can still spin out and loose traction pretty easily if aggressive. I also noticed it was much easier to recover grip when they started to spin. I kept them both 275 instead of widening the rears because I don't want the tires sticking out past the wheel well. I would assume for the WB's the 305's would perform even better. For a daily driver these tires are definitely a vast improvement for those who like to get on it occasionally but not drive like a bat out of hell. They aren't rated for the top speeds of the HC so if your tracking you'll have to dish out some serious cash for slicks and rims. When my rotors come in (they are saying today, again) I'll post some pictures.
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