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My car in rail yard 1 week 2 hours from dealer!

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My Challenger Hellcat has been released and sitting in the rail yard in Mechanicville NY for 1 week without being picked up and delivered to my dealer which is only 2 hours away in Springfield Vermont. Called the dealer a number of times, been told that they have contacted the district manger to expedite delivery. Called SRT, no help and will not get involved until the car has been sitting for 3 weeks!! Does anyone have any ideas or contacts for me to call or email? Very frustrating knowing the car is 2 hours away. Thanks
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I have both beat,, mine, and hcdc, and Tammie were at the storage yard almost two months.. and my dealer is 4 miles away, and my house is less then ten mins away. Called everyone, never got a clear answer as to why it sat so long.....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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