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Came in at 8:35am 5 minutes past my appointment time, had to pick up some breakfast tacos at Rudy's BBQ right next door.

I walked in the door and Jackie my service manager who is also the manager said I'll be with you in a moment And quickly handled the customer before me.

I asked I assume you're going to have your best tech on it? She said yep sure will.

She asked how you like it? I said the hellcat? She said yeah. I said OH it's like paradise every day I still can't believe I have one. She said that's great that's really good to hear.

She said sit down please, let's get you setup here if you give me a moment.

Ok please sign here And please wait in the waiting room and we will come get cha when we're done.

I had a lot of work to do with my clients via phone and emails so I was able to do all that thanks to my phone and remote app support technology.

10:30am came around and I got up and went over to find out what's taking so long I thought what happened to 1.5hrs.

She had me sit down and said we went ahead and got your parts for upper hose radiator RT fix and along with your other recall for the fuel line rail hose. Both parts are here and I will need about another hour and will come get you when it's done.

I said sweet that's great! She said yeah I didn't want you to have to make a second trip to get something else done.

12PM rolls by and she showed up and said your Hellcat is ready its parked right over there and here are your keys.

As I was walking to my Hellcat a sales rep and two customers one father the other looks like the son were pointing and staring at my Hellcat as I backed out and was leaving.

Before I left I snapped a pic of our awesome service manager for review here on our forums. She said Shake&Bake called and talked to her and I said yep I sent him to you so you could take care of him.

Here's some pics my favorite service manager Jackie and no more stinkin' second clamps.

If you need your Hellcat services don't hesitate to come here. Let her know HCDC referred you :) and I make no money nor did I get paid to endorse. Just want to let members know who I used for my oil change first time around and fixed both of my recalls.

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Maybe size difference. Just the upper one by the radiator was replaced. The other one was me showing no extra clamps on both.
Yes, it's always about size, if they say it's not about size..... Then it's definitely about size.
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