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My December Hellcat Poem

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T’was a fortnight before delivery
And all through the house
The owners were getting anxious
This is without a doubt

Would it come in as scheduled?
Or would we have to wait
Kicking and screaming
Because the rail was late

Day of delivery is finally here
We camped out at the dealer
Waiting without a fear

In pulled the truck
With kitty on top
Shiny, Red and pretty
Don’t let her drop!

Grabbed the Red Fob
Sat down inside
Hands on the knob
Ready to Ride

Pressed the start button
Engine fired up
What a glorious sound
Nope, she’s not a pup

Put her in gear
Pressed on the gas
Spun those Pirelli tires
Man she was fast

Left the dealers driveway
Watching for the bust
Here comes So. Cal HellCat
leaving everybody else in the dust
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