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My journey to low 9’s

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My first build in 8 years. Owned 2016 dodger charger srt hellcat. My goal is low 9’s the car is a daily but on the other side I drive 10 min to work.
as now spec
Corza exhaust
Cat delete
Fi intercooler blower spacers
Not tuned.
sponsored from my job we ordered gen 5 wipple stage 2
I ordered driveshaft 4” single drive shaft
I have 1050cc injectors but I know that won’t be enough. Doing a duel pump don’t know what kind I’ll be honest. Goal for the car is low 9’s for a daily. I do understand i will need to set the boost down.
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My friend has a gen 5 whipple on his 2017 Mustang and it gets hot, hot, hot. I don't know what it has as far as heat exchanger and pump, but what comes with these kits is usually pretty mediocre. It got so hot that after a run he came back into the staging lanes and popped the hood, and I reached down and grabbed the hood prop bar and literally almost burned my hand. His car also has no hood ventilation though, either. This was after an 1/8 mile pass. And he wasn't even putting a lot of boost to it yet, because he hadn't swapped pulleys. I think it was around 600 to the tires then.

PD blowers/boost makes heat. I would spend some serious time researching and thinking about how you are going to deal with that issue, regardless of which blower you run.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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