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My new Charger Redeye definetely hugs road better than my HC

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After driving my 2015 HC Charger for 5 years, I swapped it out for the new Redeye.
I loved my 2015 HC, but one thing that killed me was how quickly I loss the rear when applying power. The stock tires could NEVER hook and constant wheel spin at even 50 mph is a straight line.

On my Redeye, I find it greatly holds the road better with the stock 305's. I lever spun out my ass yet. I sure I will eventually. Overall, I am really loving the Redeye charger. My only complaint is now all these Chargers look alike and you can't tell them apart unless you are right up to them and both cars are stopped. If someone is passing you (on coming) there is no way to tell what blew by you.
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Mann, I thought I made progress here!
You did. Aside from traction issues your car should handle better.
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