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Those were cool. I had a '75 with the emissions 400 ci and about a 2.70 rear end. It would take all day but we got it to 150 a few times. Then ordered a '78 gold one without the yard bird on the hood. That was the last car I ordered before I ordered a HC, took just as long! Little known fact was to take a set of pre-emission heads off a 389 or 400 bolt them on a T/A 400 and magically we restored about 10.5:1 compression and after a mid rise, Holley, headers all into the stock exhaust you had a wonderful sleeper! I think I had to do one minor grind around the A/C bracket and manually adjust the valves, that was it. Had to beef up the clutch, but the four speed and the rest of it held up to some real abuse. Oh burnt a set of studded snows in one season with it too. There were some new slits in the roads around Des Moines where I grew up.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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