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Personally, I like most factory badges, but if you don't need the steps, why keep them. You know you can always grab a lady & help her in....
When are you moving?
Will be in the new house 8/2 馃榿

Sweet ride. I think it looks sharp as is (for a GMC). Lol! I'd probably leave the running boards. Not everyone can step into it like you.
True, I'm gonna take one side off and if I like it I'll do the other. Or put it back.

I'm Def doing the badges on the tailgate. It has a giant GMC on it already
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I would leave the badges, but if you don't need the running boards go for it. It would clean up the look. I'd need them though and so would my kids. You probably notice it a lot more because your old truck didn't have them. But you'd probably not even notice them given a month or 2. I've always liked the current gen Sierras.
Yea good point. And I think this might be a Gen older than the current, it's a 2015 I believe the new ones are really futuristic looking. These are the last of the clean simple lines IMO
Congrats on your move, I think you'll like Indiana.
And you got a sharp truck.
Hope so. Or I'm gonna be your neighbor
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6'9" ??? how the hell did you fit in the hellcat?!?!

reminds me of arnold in Commando when he rips out the seats in the 64' Sunbeam Alpine so he will fit.馃槄馃槀馃ぃ
Lol that was one of the few cars I could fit in with comfort. Anything else I had to sorta squeeze into and couldn't fully drive. Can't heal/toe anything else tbh
Love the new truck, those gen trucks just look fantastic...especially the Z71's...

I personally would leave the footboards, but that is because you may others who need them :D
Fine fine fine, just rear badges then, the vertically challenged aid will remain.
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Jake, check out the downtown. Very clean. Very safe. Tons of great restaurants, brew pubs, and endless girl watching. The downtown indoor mall is really nice too. The Lucas Oil Center has every sporting and motorsports event possible. And definitely visit the Speedway.
I hear a lot of good stuff about their bar scene, plan to go bounce for a few weekends to get a new weed guy and maybe make some friends. Sucks its not legal there and I am coming from MD with a medicinal card.
So I took everyone's advice, and didn't listen lol SORRY

I hate badges and I think it looks way better with no badge on the side, and the slt/sierra stuff on the rear missing.

I also took the running boards off, and its literally 4 bolts on either side so that's an easy put back if I feel like it. I think it looks way better without both tbh but I see why most of you said not to.

Next and last thing I will likely do to it is get dark taillights/3rd brake light. I like the look of dark lights on light cars sorta like my old truck.

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I'd keep the badges as it seems to give the truck a more detailed look and the running boards seem to fill the truck out. It's entirely up to you. You can always remove them all and stand a few feet away and judge for yourself how it looks or send us another pic with all of it off and we could let you know as well.

Besides, some have a point on keeping the running boards so other passengers such as new friends or even a new lady friend in your new area could easily get in and out and roll with you.

I agree how the newer trucks look a bit funny. I like the older model Silverados and Sierras from I believe 2015-2018 as they look more raw and not so euro. Nice truck, you picked a good one.
already took it off, pic above. thoughts?

and yea I think I am going to keep the running boards handy for when I get there. gonna rock them off for a lil while as I have no friends out there and seldom have passengers. I agree 100% with the newer body style being TOO MUCH for me, the 2015-2018 silverado with color matched bumpers etc look great, and these GMC bodies with honeycomb or large grills look so good to me. I've always wanted a newer truck but never pulled the trigger.
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Have you thought of a chrome delete? I think it might look even more badass.
I did, but there isn't much. Theres the strip on the side, and the window accents. I plan to get some bigger mirrors as these are tiny and sorta useless, and will most likely color match the mirrors. I am usually heavily against chrome but the little bit it has isn't bad. if it was like bright white like my HC then I could see it being an issue but its sorta cream colored. they call it White Diamond Tricoat, shoulda named it French Vanilla Creamer.
I would leave everything as-is. Its a good looking truck.
woops 馃槀
^ thinks I'm an amateur and uses rope, when duct tape is more universal and works better.
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It's your truck, and if you're happy, that's all that matters...

The only thing is those door ding strips annoy me....kinda feels like it messes up the look... but I'd say that about any vehicle, my own included.
The silver strips? That's for ding protection? Huh never knew that. I bet they're on the same way the badges are, prob gonna take them off it so.
I think I favor the pic without the running boards as imo it seems to give the truck a beefier look. I'd probably black out the chrome on the sides like the door handles, chrome around the windows, and lower part of the doors.

Go as dark as you legally can on window tint as that will definitely improve the aesthetics of it. I would even go as far as to suggest tinting the windshield a bit as it will look good too but only as far as you comfortably want to. I'm sure I'd get flamed for recommending that but some folks have a medical exemption for it to be considered legal.

I duno how dark in window tint you wanna go and I'm not sure what the laws are in Indiana as to how dark you can get them legally but it's up to you. I'm a fan of dark tint to keep the vehicle cooler inside, more privacy, and looking aestheticlly better.

Another thing that I may suggest adding is one of those (I forgot what it's called) chase racks or baha racks in the bed like those Ford Raptor trucks. It fills the truck out more and looks pretty badass.
All good points. Gonna replicate what my cat had for tint as it was the perfect amount. I believe it was 20 on the sides and 30 on the front no strip.

I think the rack In the bed is a good look but I'm likely gonna get a cover. It has carpet in the bed haha not sure if that's common but it's cool as I seldom use a trick as an actual truck.
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Love it, debadged and sidebars removed
Thank you!
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