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I hope Dodge gets the 1971 back into production, with appropriate safety stuff.
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I'd take this car with its dog dishes any day over a modern Charger. You have to experience the walkaround of this car and the 1971 Roadrunner in person to appreciate their beauty. Side, top, or 3/4 views do NOT do the cars justice.

In that respect, they are like the 1990 Supra. It looked like a boring blob on magazine covers, but it was utterly sexy in person. Those little chrome rings around the taillight lenses, the transition from hood to front of car, the melding of the headlights into flush covers, the line of rear of the body as it ski-jumped off of the back of the car.

You have NEVER experienced a look on a car like the Power Twins from 1971: the Roadrunner/Satellite/GTX and the Charger. Their interiors were functionally identical, which, to me, added to their charm. Their floor pans were functionally the same. But, they are like beautiful sisters that look very individual, and the way the front end seems to hover over the pavement when you are standing near it, like a blue Mako hovering above the sandy bottom of a tropical sea was something no other vehicle has matched.
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The B pillars were entirely Mopar works of art in themselves, yet so utterly different in their approches. The Plymouth had its body line far down the door, like low-shouldered jackets and sweaters from the 1980's. The Charger had its sharp body line up by the top of the door. Both were unheard of and beautiful. Only the Plymouth could get away with the Strobe Stripe, because the B piller continued down to the WAISTLINE. The subtle difference in the rear side windows , with Plymouth coming to a curved corner, and the Dodge having its rear corner up high instead.

Bring them back, Mopar.
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