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Name that part

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2020 challenger hellcat redeye widebody.

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Does anyone know what the black part that is partially wet is? It is sitting on ac lines and that is coolant that is leaking from it.

what ever its name and/or function is it is related to intercooler fluid. A google search for fujikoki bvaa0048 turns up ac solenoids.

thank you
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It appears to sit on top of it the fluid is leaking or accumulating on top a google search brought me to an auto ac solenoid manuf

i assume it is therefore a solonoid but wonder what its specific purpose is
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16,700 miles, yes the theme is fun horn and all.

It is indeed the solenoid that controls cabin ac shutoff. Sadly ive inly used it a handful of times and it is failing. Could be worse i suppose at least its not another exploded rear end.
Thanks yall
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