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Nascar vs Redeye Charger dream

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Last night I was caught up in a dream that I had my 2021 Charger Redeye in a NASCAR race. (damn dog woke me up before I could do a lap).

I know not 1 single part of my car is in a real NASCAR, but would I be able to keep up with a NASCAR at Daytona for 1 lap? Or will the weight and suspension of my car have me go flying over the wall in the 1st turn? I thinks I am 1000 lbs heavier.
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I would say you would blow the tires out the first time you tried to plow 4000+lbs into the banking at the 180/190 you would need to average 190 like the NASCAR folks. We can hit those speeds but I really do not think you will want to make a turn at those speeds and try to AVERAGE 190 around Daytona.
Well, say I changed my tires to the same ones on Nascar. It the Redeye capable of making say 4 laps at 190 mph without crashing / failing or blowing up the engine or drive train???
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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