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Need help with AC smell

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So far this has been the second year I've had this issue. When I turn on or off the ac I get a moldy sour smell. After it runs for a few minutes it smells fresh. This is what I have done so far:

multiple cabin air filters
spraying Lysol threw behind the cabin filter
making sure the drain port above the transmission bell housing in not clogged
spray Kool ac foam cleaner 2 times through the air vents and dash defrost vent to clean the coils
Ozone deodorizer machine for 24 hrs

Kind of at my whits end here. We take my wife car most of the time because my challenger stinks and it bums me out not to drive it.
Does anyone have any Ideas?
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Do you run the AC all the way until you turn your car off? I have heard that this can leave moisture in the system and cause that musty smell. When I run my AC, I tend to turn it off a mile or so with only the fan on before I park to reduce residual moisture in the vents. It may be a placebo effect, but it made sense to me.

Ive heard that before as well. I turn it off a few minutes before I get home and just let air blow and still the same issue.
The ac on my wifes BMW is always on and never had an issue.
You should run your a/c year round at least once every two weeks and for five minutes on high before storage, the last part being straight from the Owner's Manual.

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I live in Texas and the car is my daily so it is used almost year round.
This is actually not how this product is supposed to be used for best results. You should be feeding the line into the drain hole of the AC evaporator. The foam will fill the box and will clean the coils and ideally kill any growing bacteria (most likely your smell).

I've had this problem in my Mustang and doing the above solved the issue. The source of the stink is not in the vents. It's going to be in the evaporator based off what you are saying.

When you say AC foam cleaner I'm thinking you are using this product, thus the above comments. -
I agree but I can not get the hose above the transmission bell housing to the drain tube.
This problem is also VERY common if you keep your A/C in Recirculation Mode "most" of the time. Mold (that smell) will grow on the Evaporator Core (inside your car) at a much faster rate!

Good to know. I usauly use recirc on days over 100
Drive your car until it reaches operating temp, park it in your driveway and put the heat and blower on max close all the windows/doors. let it run for 30 minutes. this should kill all the bacteria that cause a bad/ moldy smell. turning off your a/c before you get home and always use recirc should also help. make sure there is no water leaking into your car from the drain. make sure carpet is not wet in the tunnel area near the drain. have seen some chargers with the drain improperly installed and leaking in the car.
Il try that thanks
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