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Won’t rehash the whole story, take a look at the linked threads. Basically having issues fitting 305’s on my 19 charger hellcat. Believe I have an issue with rear cradle (crossmember) alignment as well as wheel alignment causing my problem.

can I get some of you guys to measure the space you have between your wheel and the front side skirt and the wheel and the rear bumper. Here is an example on mine.

Also curious about fitment behind the rear wheel. This is what I have on the front side of my driver tire. About enough to get a hand through. And it’s tight. (This is still with stock 275’s)

Observed this issues with the wheel of. Upper Camber link. (Forward side of tire) on my driver side has been hitting body flange. Shop manual says minimum of 12mm clearance here. I have about 4 at best. You can see this sink through the wheels.



Just looking for some comparisons.
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