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Need some help / Hydraulic P.S.

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Parking lot maneuver, turning the steering wheel 2/3 to 7/8 to the lock I lose power assist. It can be turned to the lock, just NO assist. Had it to the dealer under extended warranty diagnosed as bad steering gear. They replaced it, I picked it up tonight and there is no difference. Anyone with hydraulic steering experience this? Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any input!
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I haven't checked anything yet personally due to having the warranty.
Do both of your cars have consistent assist all the way to the stops while sitting still?

Thanks again!
This is an 18 NB with 5,300 miles. I obviously don't drive the car enough.
The assist is good and consistent to the locks if the car is moving. There is no P.S. noise when I lose the assist.
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Could a piece of plastic got in the reservoir? Reaching, but have had it happen before on old vehicle that the protective plastic on bottle of PS fluid fell(?) into reservoir and would obstruct flow at the lower end of as when almost fully turned, made slow turns a bear.
Does your 18 have consistent assist to the locks when sitting still?
I wasn't talking about my HC, it has electric PS. This was an older Dodge with regular belt driven pump.I
I've seen something similar to what you described many times. Some vehicles have a screen in the bottom of the reservoir that becomes restricted over time. Could be a possibility.
The Tech at the dealership said the reason they suspected the Rack was hydraulic pressure was perfect. He's going to open a claim with the Star center. It's under warranty so I'm going to let them work for the money.
Thanks again for taking the time.
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