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Need some help

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Hey all I have a 2015 Challenger hellcat m6 and recently took the car in for the cats recall. Well I have an issue, the car won't rev anymore pass 3k

Here's a link to the video on TikTok I made of it.

It isn't in valet mode, does it with clutch pressed or not pressed while in netrual. Has anyone else seen this or experience this? No it was not doing this before and it's a bit annoying that they neutered my car.

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Dodge automatics have had a 4000 rpm limit in neutral for many years but manuals never did, so something is going on. Maybe there's a new update on this and the dealer flashed it because I've seen another similar post on this.

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Yea it shows new pcm update to do the v86 cats recall. This is very disappointing imo
Must be it, sorry to hear this.

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Just feel like if it didn't come with it from factory it shouldn't get it 7 yrs later
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