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Need wheel help; FAST!!! 2011-2014 SRT rims fit?

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Will the WPA style OEM SRT rims (2011 IE style) fit on a Challenger Hellcat?

I'm looking into options for NEXT winter, when I will be fitting my 'Cat with winter tires, and I want something that actually looks really GOOD. The WPA black pocket SRT rims were ALWAYS my favorite and I thought it would be really cool to hunt down a set of those, mount winter tires on them and use them in the colder months.

Obviously my concern is the HUGE front brakes; I want to be sure they'll fit before dropping big money on these.

Please let me know ASAP as I might have a line on a set in mint condition.


This style:
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Well crap, now I have a decision to make; buy the used WPA wheels and hope they fit and are in perfect condition without getting to see them first, or go with a sure thing and buy new rims that look more stock.

A guy on CT bought THESE guys from Tire Rack and I think it's a pretty sharp option for winter:

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