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Needing help finding the correct brake line....

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To install a hydraulic style line-loc, on My 2016 Challenger HC

There are two larger diameter lines feeding into the side, and four coming up from the top. Im assuming the larger lines are the feed lines and would like to tap into the front brake line before the ABS module, etc.

I apologize if this has been asked a bunch before. I'm running out of time and have a race Sunday

Any help on distinguishing which of the two lines feeding the module, is front and rear, would be greatly appreciated!!

I looked, couldnt find a schematic, hopefully one you you all can help!!

Thanx in advance!
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Hope this helps!

  1. Locate the ABS module: The ABS module is typically located near the master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir. It is a rectangular box with multiple brake lines connected to it.
  2. Identify the front brake line: Look for the brake line that goes directly from the master cylinder to the ABS module. This line is responsible for supplying hydraulic pressure to the front brakes.
  3. Confirm the line: Trace the line from the master cylinder to the ABS module and verify that it is indeed the line responsible for the front brakes. It should be a larger diameter line compared to other brake lines connected to the module.
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