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Hello - I've been lurking for the past month or so while I was looking to purchase Hellcat. After working deals on new left over 21's and low milage used cars all around the country, I ended up with a...........

2019 HC RE WB in PCP with the satin black package, it's a single owner, low milage (~7k), no damage/repairs, no mods car. Actually the only 2 mods that I found on it are front wheel mudflaps and window tint, beyond that it was bone stock. I did add a passenger side catch can and oil filler breather after I picked it up.

I also found the previous owner on the forum when I searched the vin, but he only had about 20-30 posts all from back when he ordered the car in 2018 and first took delivery in early 2019.

It's my first Challenger, let alone hellcat, but have been looking to purchase one for sometime. The coming end of the large displacement V8 IC engine is what made me jump now. I'm love the car and am happy to have this forum as a resource to learn more about it.

It will share time with my KTM 1290SA as my nice weather / weekend car while I daily my Ram 1500.

The pic below is from my drive home. I purchased it in the south and I live in the mid-west. It was a fun drive home 馃

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PCP is such a classic color.
Congrats to you, enjoy it!

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Shes a beauty! Congrats! My son and I bought our first HC in Illinois and drove it home to NY. Also a real low miles car but I bought it to drive it. I bet you grinned ear to ear all the way home! I know we did!
Love the PC!
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