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Hey everyone, I finally pulled the trigger on a Scatpack Widebody Challenger. I was in the market for an M6 F8 Green Scatpack but I couldn't find one that had the options I wanted or wasn't being marked up ridiculously by the dealer. I originally had my mind set on waiting for the 2023 orders to open but between plant delays, order delays, and uncertainty whether or not the manual would remain an option etc. I found a Smokeshow gray car in Iowa that fit the bill instead, and went with it.

I'm waiting for delivery and needless to say I'm stoked and can't wait for it to get here.

Here is a low res picture of it sitting at the dealer. Will definitely have to take better pics when it gets here.
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@EAGLE 5 Congrats on your Scat Pack Purchase Challenger! Smokeshow is a Great Color!:cool:

Definitely post up pics when you have it.

Linda :)

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