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New Charger Hellcat Owner ...

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My name is Lisa and I recently purchased a Hellcat. :) That feels good to finally say!

I ordered a Challenger Hellcat on 9/9 and received a VON followed by nothing. I had put down $5k, purchased at MSRP, and promised a car. After 5 months of waiting, I decided to scrap it and purchase a Challenger Scat Pack (which I did) in December. The desire for a Hellcat didn't go away, though. Since I have a Charger-loving/driving husband (SRT8U) and already had a 2015 Challenger, the Charger Hellcat seemed like a more "practical" choice ... especially with two young children. So, I began searching for something on a dealer lot as I didn't want to order and wait again. I talked to practically every dealer in our local area and region who had a Hellcat of any kind in stock and they all wanted between $25k-$30k over for the Challenger and $10k-$30k over for the Charger. Clearly, there must be people paying that, but I never would, so that was not an option. Tomball Dodge got in a white Charger Hellcat last Thursday that was ordered for the GM and a mutual friend of the owners told them I was looking and they immediately offered the car at MSRP. The deal was done before I even knew the car's specs - I just knew it was white with some color of Laguna and that was good enough for me. Turns out, it has sepia Laguna leather, a gloss black roof, brass monkey wheels and fully loaded. I would have never ordered this combination, so it was fun to just see what I was getting. I'm in love already, and I'm quite ecstatic with how things turned out. The big white beast is scheduled to arrive this weekend, so I'll have lots more to post then.

Here are some photos the dealership sent me.

I asked them to overnight the red keys (because the truck driver has no need for them, and I feel a little closer to my Hellcat having them while I wait for the car), and they arrived today. :)

Here she is waiting at Tomball Dodge for the truck to pick her up (this morning) to head to her new Florida home:

Bernie, Ben and Jeff at Tomball Dodge / Viper Exchange (TX) have been awesome to work with and I'd highly recommend them to anyone. I will absolutely do business with them again! They are serious about cars ...

Glad to be here and thanks for the invite to Ray and the others who kept telling me to sign up here. :)

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Interesting I wonder who paints it cause they leave the plant body colour. When you get the car can you check and look for any paint lines at the front and back glass area as the roof would have been painted with the glass in the car. Just curious on the quality of the job
Ship To Body Vendor (JB) 03/27/2015 07:41 AM EDT Windsor Assembly, ON
This is the info for my car for the black roof. My car was completed and shipped to body vendor for the black roof whoever that may be?
The roof was painted at Ground Effects as there is paperwork in the car for the work order.
Mine is there now getting the black roof, exact same color combination as yours. (White, Black roof, brass Monkeys) Wish I had the sunroof though. Looks great!!! Can't wait to get mine after seeing yours
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