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New Charger Redeye with Passenger/Driver glass defects

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Both the driver and passenger front windows have wavy glass. It was first noticed by my wife who was riding in the passenger seat with the windows up, she noticed a distortion when looking out the window. It was distracting enough for her that it was making her car sick.
I kinda forgot about it until a friend rode with me and experienced the same thing. So I finally sat in the seat and confirmed their findings. The glass is wavy and when looking at certain areas, your view will be distorted kinda like “funny mirrors”.
Anyways I just took it to the dealership which confirmed “wavy glass” but says Chrysler refused to allow them to fix it. I let them know this is a brand new? $90k car and I expect something like this to be corrected.
Anyone else, have these issues? Anyone know what I can do to demand my windows replaced.
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Thanks, after letting them know that this was unacceptable for a car with a $90k sticker, they called back and said they will be able to order me new glass. I haven’t noticed it on the driver side but they told me the driver side is also warped and will be replacing both sides!
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