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New concern about the TRX Rebel

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So while getting the oil changed today I saw a new 2019 HD Ram in the showroom (not a Power Wagon). With excitement I opened the door, slid the seat all the way back, climbed in and smashed my knee on the dash. As I checked to make sure the seat was all the way back (and cuss like a sailor) I looked to see what I hit my knee on. Ram Engineers in their wisdom relocated the four wheel drive shifter on the dash, right where my knee was. I guess if you’re on average height this is not an issue, but at 6’8” this essentially tells me if the Rebel TRX is like this, my 2012 Power Wagon could be my last Ram product.

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At 6'-5", I can certainly relate. We have to try on vehicles like shoes and clothes :)
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