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Hi Demon Board
I recently purchased a Demon in B5 blue and was wondering about trying to purchase the original car storage cover? I can’t seem to find any online..
Any suggestions?
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To the OP: Very nice! Good Luck. Maybe post some details about the car and purchase? We like information and stories!

To the Gang: Is it my imagination or does it seem there is a sudden increase in Demon turnover? Maybe Demon owners are worried about the Hellafant pushing the Demon to 2nd spot? (My personal guess is that won't happen, and if it does it will be stupid expensive.)
purchased in Sept 2022..#2622..7,200 miles…as I said I sold my classic Mopar in 2 days and always wanted a B5 Blue Demon back when they came out… I did a quick search and found my car at a dealer in California…long way from GA but deal was done and car is in my garage…while I didn’t get a great deal I paid $125k which I thought wasn’t bad
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