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New Demon Owner

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Hi Demon Board
I recently purchased a Demon in B5 blue and was wondering about trying to purchase the original car storage cover? I can’t seem to find any online..
Any suggestions?
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They do, it is called a jailbreak lol.

It is kind of late to be promising anything for 2023 now......

We all had our hopes up, but the "keeps breaking engines" sema let-down no show is very unlikely to be produced. That is why it wasn't there, because it can't be promised. Even if it is, how many will they make and what will dealers be charging? If it would happen and they made 2,023 of them, are we at a $200,000 price point Dodge now????? Lmao.
In addition, I think they have their hands full trying to make the EV actually become reality.

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How can this be going down the assembly line when cars from june orders are not here yet lol
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