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I bought the below fenders about 6 months ago, then ordered custom forged wheels and decided I did NOT like the wide body look. I live in Dripping Springs, Tx. Have a 1200 HP FORZA Build Challenger Hellcat. If anyone needs these or wants them I will give to them free. Never used still in the box. I don't need the money so if anyone wants contact me at [email protected] (512) 626-0329 (best to text as I get a lot of junk Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number
Just happy as hell to have a Hellcat. I am 59 years old, have had Twin Turbo Porsche, AMG Twin Turbo, Hennessey Viper, Spider, 1967 Camaro ss 396 Big block and assorted other modded out cars (including a CX5 Turbo Mazda modded. I am happy to say the FORZA Challenger build is my absolute favorite, more fun to drive and would SMOKE any of my high dollar cars and in a huge way........recently raced Lambo for $1000 is just an "old Dodge I told him" Why would I embarrass myself with racing your supercar?" Constant antagonizing and finally gave in....guess who was embarrassed? (Hint: not me) :) Normally I do NOT race anyone.....not worth my fuel. (BMW M series GTG 500 and Lambo my only races ever......M y record is 0 loss 3 wins and I have a triple disc race clutch (manual so should be slower) Dodge makes one hell of a CAR and there is much more potential than most know of if you set it up right and right tires. Prior to buying the right tires, I was going sideways in 1, 2 and 3 gear. Still have to roll into it in first gear as so much torque it is down right scary and I have been racing since age 13. Got off subject....sorry....anyone wants contact me.....NO CHAERGE ...goodwill to fellow HELLCAT owners.

Last, if anyone knows of a good hellcat club in Austin or near, I would like to join as I drive alone all the time (wife will not step foot in my car and keeps pointing to others (v6 or other) and asking e how come my car is so loud ...their car sound is nice...cant you to do that? HMMM....if I dropped about 900 hp and had any sort of sound blocking.....nah still not and not intetested. I love the sound and have had so many comments on it (sick, cool, love it, that sounds bad ass etc) Also, had to build my own shop and garage by finishing out my barn....she did not even want it in the garage. The only time she ever got in it with me I got pissed as a truck driving 45 in a 70 zone with 6 cars behind it....ruining my day. You think I passed 6 cars and a semi on RR 12 (that is a 2 lane rural road where i live....Hell yeah 45 to 150 mph in seconds and thus no more wife in car!

Point being: Every time I accelerate i smile and it never gets old. ON hard accelerations when I finally shut it down all I can holler is HELL YEAH (that was scary) These are amazing cars.

Fenders free....anyone want? Sorry you had to read through my long rant to get to the point but I'm always excited about my car

Dripping Sprins, Tx.
(512) 626-0329
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