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New guy here.

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Hello everyone.My name is Will. I picked up a wrecked 2017 Hellcat a few weeks ago. Have some plans lined out for it. I can’t wait to get the project underway.
Hey @ChromeCat, I’ll take those demon injectors, it would not let me pm you.
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Welcome Will to

There is a build section. Would nice if you made a build thread about your Hellcat

Linda :)
Thank you. I will be posting a build thread after everything is done, I plan to document everything along the way.
I ordered Stainless works catless mid pipes and a Litten 2.85 pulley kit yesterday, and I purchased some demon injectors today. Looking to buy a BAP, JLT Intake and catch cans, and a AWE TE exhaust, that will be pretty much be it.
I’ll also be doing a DSS driveshaft as well.
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Looking forward to your build thread.
Very cool.
Thank you. I’ll link the build thread when I get started

Hey Will and welcome.

Welcome! How bad was the damage? And please share pics of what your starting from!
Damage was not all that bad. I’m going to be swapping everything into a 2015+ Chrysler 300 though.I need 4 doors to fit all my kids. I don’t get to drive my GTR enough because the entire family can’t fit lol.

Heres some pics of where I’m starting for anyone interested.
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Well after searching religiously for the last 3 months, I finally picked up the donor car for the swap, ready to get this thing rolling.
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