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Located outside of Savannah GA. So I’m new to the HC world but not new to Dodge or Dodge Chargers. I purchased a 2021 widebody hellcat charger last week from Woodstock Dodge here in Georgia. For years I’ve been building and optioning one out on the Dodge website but never could bring myself to pull the trigger. Well, a couple of weeks ago I found “the one” and just couldn’t walk away from it. It’s Tored with carbon stripes. I’m a red car nut and have owned a red cobra mustang, a red f150 lightning, 2 red Silverado ss’s, and now this. I also had an 08 Charger SRT8 Superbee, and a 19 GoMango Scatpack that I traded in for the HC.
This thing is an absolute beast! It’s amazing how much quicker it is than what my Scatpack was.
So, I’ve already ordered a few goodies and am looking forward to learning about this wicked ride.

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Welcome to the org!
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Congrats and Welcome to!!

Enjoy All the Fassssst Fun!

Linda :)
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