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Hi there

I live in New Zealand and have just purchased a 2015 Hellcat from a government tender. The vehicle was confiscated from the previous owner by our Police force, as it was determined to have been purchased using money from criminal activities. The government then puts these criminal assets up for tender, and I was the (hopefully) lucky person with the highest tender. So now I own a Hellcat (or more accurately, most of a Hellcat)

As Dodge Challengers are not sold new in New Zealand, there is no Dodge dealer knowledge or parts to reply upon. So I'm hoping this forum will be able to help guide me through the restoration of this magnificent beast to it's former glory

The previous owner has removed the original brakes and wheels, along with all the badges, the oil filler cap and the gear knob. The wing mirrors are both broken, as is the front splitter. The battery, subs and tyre repair kit in the trunk have also been removed. Undoubtedly there will be other parts missing/broken, but it is very difficult to get into the car right now, as it is on a transport trailer due to not having a key fob either. The only way to get into it is through a window. I do have a key fob in transit from USA, so I should be able to try starting it in a about 1-2 weeks time

So my first question for the forum. Can anybody suggest a good auto salvage yard in USA (near Longbeach CA preferably) that would be a good source of repair parts. I can organise the shipping to New Zealand, but I have no idea where to start looking for a Challenger specialist salvage yard. Any help much appreciated

The Hellcat was originally imported into New Zealand in 2016, and has traveled 30,000 miles. It is grey metallic with a manual gearbox
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