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New Here. Looking For 1320 Info.

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First I am long winded...I blame old age.

Second, I found some 1320 owners lurking here. I am looking for a Challenger, though not necessarily a 1320. Just so happens one is near me and the wife likes it...which means it is fast enough and cushy enough.

If I do get a 1320, I will be a 1320 intention of tracking it. But I understand more than a few 1320 owners daily drive or long haul it and are very happy with it. Dodge has done a good job with their suspensions and it is hard to find anyone who does not love their car...which is why when I find one 7 months old with 10k miles I kind of wonder.

I will be perusing for the 1320 owners to pick their brains. So replies are appreciated.

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I have a 2019 1320 and used it for awhile as a daily. I currently have around 14,000 miles on it. It's a great fun car. Just remember it was made for drag racing so if you go for spirited drive with corners it will lean a little more then other challengers. Moving the suspension to sport mode helps with they body roll, but the 1320 has hollow sway bars. Drag mode will make the suspension softer and you get a lot of movement to the rear, helps with launch. Last time I checked I got low 20s for fuel mileage, but I haven't kept close tabs on it. I haven't taken mine more then a few hours drive from my house, but it rides just as good as any other challenger and should do just fine on long drives. With it being an auto and the 6.4 it does have the MDS system on it and you can hear a difference in the tone of the exhaust with that is active. It doesn't bug me, but something to be aware of if you plan on driving on the interstate with it. Good luck on your search for a challenger.
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