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new here

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new here. looking for some 1050 CC injectors
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I have a brand new set of ID1050X still in the box. Was going to put them in Trackhawk, but now thinking of doing a flex fuel tune and need larger.

I already have the 93 tune using them from Dusterhoff, just want to make sure he's OK with adj tune for the larger ones without an increase in cost. Haven't started the mods yet, so he has only given me the base tune to start.
what you asking for them?
If they go, 925.00 shipped Sent Curt an email about changes.
Ok let me know I’m interested
He's pretty quick to respond. Should know something tomorrow.
Did you hear back today?
OK, I'm good to go with Curt if you still want the inj?

They are at my friends shop. I'll be down there Friday and get pics and such or if you want them right away I can go down there tomorrow.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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