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New hood upgrade to change things up

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Going two scoop hood, couldn't do black because it takes away on such a bright color car IMO.
I may have a wrap done on the scoops if I need it broken up a little bit....
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I guess so
Still need to finish adjusting alignment, but very close....
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No. It’s not exclusively a RE hood.
When did that start?
I have never seen a plain hellcat with a dual scoop hood before.
I have seen normal body and widebody redeye, that is it.
I just went on to dodges 2021 order site, son of a itch.
Basically I upgraded my hellcat's current scat pack hood to an ex redeye current hellcat hood.
Trying to change things up I made my car stock again.
Did this just start for 21?
That makes sense, I quit shopping new in 2018 lol
We already figured all this out. Thanks though.
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I bought the hood new from the dodge dealer.
Top and bottom of the hood cost me $500 cash to paint.
I liked my 2015 hood, just needed a change. I love the idea of ram air to the filter.
How is this hood upbadging?
Please feel free to explain....
Lol I love these comments.
I wanted a ram air hood to the filter.
I thought it was a redeye hood, yes, but I could give a crap less if it was on a v6 car.
I would have maybe done a demon hood if they were available, not sure if i like it on a NB though.

My car eats redeyes for breakfast brother, no need to pretend.

Post a few pics of your ride and lets talk.
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I wondered that as well the day we installed it. There has been zero change in IAT or coolant temps, and we had a week of very humid 90+ degree days.
Got my pins on my up-badged hood lol
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I may have grabbed one if there was one to grab...... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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