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New hood upgrade to change things up

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Going two scoop hood, couldn't do black because it takes away on such a bright color car IMO.
I may have a wrap done on the scoops if I need it broken up a little bit....
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So, you like front end lift. It's understandable. It reduces wear on the tires and suspension.
:D -first-gen hood owner.
I would be tempted to put a flat (as possible) hood with a classic Mopar Pro scoop on it, of course with built-in K&N and ducted tightly to the intake. One of the least-penalized areas of blocky aero mods is the hood in front of the windshield. But that scoop would have to be sturdy and really well-attached to the hood.
Looks great! One fo the best colors ever.
Signature Hellcat color.
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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